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The 4 rooms

In the renovation we have attempted to keep the vintage charm of some pieces of furniture which have always been there with modern ones, obtaining a really unique, eclectic environment.

Alla Televisione

In the past was a living room and the centre of the house, now is the smallest of our rooms but can easily accommodate 2 people. Comes with a double size bed (width 140 cm), a new en suite, and a "Smart" TV.

Video Alla televisione
Alla TV
Bagno alla TV

La Bohème

It has 2 comfortable double size beds (width 140cm), an en suite born with the renovation, and can accommodate up to 4 people. It's the oldest room of the apartment and it still exhibits the original hexagonal tile flooring.

Video Boheme
Bagno Boheme

La Relax

It is the proper master bedroom. It can accommodate up to 4 people. It comes with a sumptuous king size carved bed and a companion chest of drawers from the 70s.The room integrates a sofa convertible into a double size bed (width 140 cm). The en suite is original from the 70s, properly refurbished.

Video Relax
Bagno Relax

La Lei & Lui

Born from the fusion of 2 adjacent rooms, comes with a king size bed from the 40s paired with a chest of drawers. The en suite was built during the renovation. Perfect for 2 people.The room is called "Lui & Lei" ("Him & Her"), but are absolutely welcomed "Him & Him", "Her & Her", "Her alone" and "Him alone", and it is convertible in room with 2 single size beds

Video Lei e Lui
Lei e Lui
Bagno Lei e Lui
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